Sunday, March 24, 2013

AGI Video: The Savage Accu-trigger

It's been a while.  I've just been busy, and I haven't come across anything particularly interesting that hasn't already been covered by The Firearm Blog or The Gunmart Blog or anyone else.

Although there really isn't much in the video about tuning the trigger, beyond just turning the screw, the video does show closeups of how the Accu-trigger works, which is kind of neat.

I'd like to have a short-action Savage with a target-model Accu-trigger at some point in the future.  Right-hand bolt, left-side ejection for shooting groups at the high-power range.  I have a couple rimfire rifles that shoot very well off the bench, but nothing staggeringly accurate in centerfire.  I've been spending a lot of $$$ lately, and I really don't have it to spare for a range queen and some good glass, nor do I have the time to work on handloads.

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