Friday, December 21, 2012

On The Radio for About 25 Seconds

I was listening to AM talk radio in the car on the way home, when I hear Steve Martorano, the conservative talk radio station's token liberal, say something along the lines of, "The NRA is a lobbyist group, representing the gun manufacturers."  I couldn't let that stand, without a counterpoint.  The NRA may take money from manufacturers, but the organization's raison d'etre is to represent the millions of American gun owners that pay dues to the NRA to give them a voice in Washington D.C., and as of late, in the UN Arms Trade Treaty conferences. It's not a capitalist organization, whose sole existence is to keep Colt, Rock River, and Kel-Tec in business, which I'm fairly certain is the notion that Mr. Martorano was trying to pass off as truth.

So, I called in.  After waiting on hold for maybe 12 minutes I got put on the air, without a queue or warning I  might add, to express my dissatisfaction.  Martorano tried to make it sound like I misunderstood what he said; that what he meant was that the gun industry indirectly benefits from the actions of the National Rifle Association.  That was about it.  The line just went dead after I said that he was misrepresenting the truth.

So I guess I got maybe 25 seconds of my 15 minutes of fame.

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