Friday, November 23, 2012

Palmetto State Armory - 50rd Boxes of 9mm for $8.99 - SOLD OUT

Independence 115gr 9mm Luger ammo - $8.99 for 50 round box.

I've reloaded hundreds of pounds of 9mm ammo, but I'm thinking I'll probably take some kind of class in the future, and they don't like you bringing reloads.  When I take people out shooting, I don't let them shoot my reloads for liability reasons.  Although I just bought some Winchester 9mm from Natchez, the price was $1.50 more per box, and ammo isn't getting any cheaper.

I also ordered one of their 5.56mm Pigsticker comps to try out.


PSA never sent me an e-mail confirmation for the order. I got the shipping notification on the 30th, after I had already received several orders that I put in the same day, from different places.  Everything I ordered was supposed to be in stock at the time that I ordered.  They have some great prices, but customer service is somewhat lacking.

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