Saturday, August 25, 2012

Glock Maritime Spring Cups & Underwater Ballistics

I haven't done too much Glock stuff in recent years.

I found, in the gunmartblog Daily Firearms News page, a link to a video posted on the site.  Youtube user TWANGnBANG discusses what the Glock maritime spring cups are, their uses, and the urban myths surrounding them.  TWANGnBANG also gets in his tactical kiddie pool to take some video of shooting a Glock underwater at ballistics gel, and later analyses the results in the gel.

Kinda neat if you've got about 15 minutes to kill.

I've actually got a set of the maritime cups in my box o' Glock parts, but never bothered to mess with them.

And, yes, I think maybe it was a little silly to use SCUBA gear when a snorkel probably would've gotten the job done.

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