Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ammo Shortage. Here We Go Again.

Even with our troops pulling out of Iraq and Afganistan, there seems to be shortages and price hikes on .223 Remington and 5.56mm ammo.  Aim Surplus still has PMC Bronze .223 Remington for $310/1000 (before shipping), but that's the cheapest I can find at the moment for brass-cased ammo.  Widener's upped the prices for IMI ammo, and they're sold out anyway.  PMC seems to be the cheapest that Natchez has, and they're pricing it quite a bit higher than Aim.  No great deals from Ammoman, and I would't buy from them unless you can pickup yourself in New Jersey, becuase their customer service sucks, and they have a pretty strict no returns policy.  No great deals at Luckygunner or Bulkammo.

I'm hearing that black rifles are also getting both hard to find, and expensive.  I see Ranier Arms has LMT M4s for $1273, but that seems like an aweful lot of money for an entry-level rifle from a decent company.  There are some lower-end rifles in the $700, but I don't see much from the top brands for less than the LMT.

Bravo Company is backordered on all complete rifles, although they do have some uppers, starting at $500 for 16" uppers without handguards, $420 for 11.5" uppers if you're allowed to build a short barreled rifle.

Palmetto State Armory has some rifle kits, starting at $580, but the cheapest AR complete rifle they have is $830 for an S&W with no sights, and 1 in 9" twist barrel.
I'm getting tired of this.  Every time there's a presidential election, prices go up, and inventory goes down.

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