Saturday, June 2, 2012

TiteGroup Powder Review Update

Hodgdon TiteGroup Smokeless Powder Review

Having run out my small supply of .38 Special factory ammo, I started to reload 38s.  I have noticed that my hands and forearms aren't getting peppered with bits of carbon or unburnt powder when shooting the TiteGroup reloads, like I was getting with the factory ammo.  I like that.  The garbage that was coming out from between the cylinder and forcing cone was HOT.  4" service revolver or 2" snubby, it doesn't seem to matter.

Unfortunately, when you load TiteGroup under a cast lead bullet, you get a lot of foul-smelling grey smoke.  I don't like that so much, and it's probably not very good for your health.  I bought some Clays powder for use with lead bullets, and I'm not getting as much smoke.

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Sean said...

For lead 38spl I like IMR trailboss. It's fluffy (voluminous?). So you can't double charge. Also not suitable for magnum velocities, but my favorite for my 38 spl target loads.