Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Archangel Sparta - Ruger Mini Stock

Screenshot from Archangel Video

Archangel Sparta Promotional Video

I think this is kind of cool, except for the now-superfluous Ruger front sight sitting out there on the barrel.  A Bushmaster ACR-type stock for Ruger Mini rifles.  Seems the stocks fit both Mini-14s and Mini-30s.  Has a one-size-fits-some grip - like the ACRs.  Has a cheekpiece adjustable for height - like the ACRs.  The stocks have integrated sling QD swivel sockets, like an enhanced ACR (the basic models don't have sockets forward of the magwell).  The length of pull is adjustable, like most AR carbine stocks.  The stock does not fold.

I'm told that the scope rail is aluminum, not polymer.  The flip-up sights will probably be included, and I'd bet money that they're ProMag sights, because Archangel is a division of ProMag.

The Sparta stocks have not been released for sale yet.  Rumor has it, that they're working on getting the stocks to be a universal fit, but Ruger has changed the design of the Minis over the last few decades, and that's causing some issues.

On a somewhat related note; the Archangel Marauder stocks that convert Ruger 10/22s into a G36 look-alike have started shipping, but they seem to be sold out everywhere.  The Midway price is $160 or $170, and I'm sort of thinking of buying one before HK sues and issues a cease and desist order.  A little bit cheesy, and the stock probably ruins the accuracy of the rifle a bit, because the scope rail on the stock isn't bolted directly to the top of the receiver or the barrel.  It is, however, cheaper than an airsoft G36, and I've already got a 10/22 to drop into it.  Hmm.

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