Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some New Firearms

Vltor Fortis
Vltor is working on new versions of the Bren Ten (10mm CZ-75 type pistol from Miami Vice), which they're calling the Fortis.

Link to the Fortis pistol on the Vltor website.
Vltor blog with more information
Defense Review article on the Fortis

The new design uses EAA Witness or the Vltor magazines, holding 15 rounds of 10mm or 10 rounds of .45ACP for a standard length magazine. I believe there are extended Witness mags that hold more. Vltor offers floorpates that replicate the look of the origional Bren Ten magazines.

Vltor is shooting for a retail price of less than a thousand dollars. That sounds like a lot, but based on Vltor's reputation for quality, engineering, and durability (not many pistols will hold up to a steady diet of full-power 10mm), I don't consider it to be totally unreasonable.

Drum-Fed Semi-Auto Shotgun
Link to Defense Review snippet on the new drum fed semi-auto shotgun.
The shotgun feeds from tube magazines in a cylinder formation. Sounds kind of confunsing, doesn't it? Okay, so like a normal tube-fed shotgun, shells are pushed into the action from the tube magazine holding 2-4 rounds, depending on the overall length of the shotgun. When the tube currently in use is empty, you rotate the cylinder, allowing shells from the next tube to feed into the action. Perhaps not the ideal solution, but it is an interesting one.

AR-15 Shotgun from CMMG
Defense Review snippet on the CMMG gas piston AR-15 Shotgun
MGI was showing some new pistol-caliber magwells for their modular lower at SHOT show '09, and having recently purchased a Saiga-12, a shotgun variant of the AK-47 platform, I was wondering how long it would take for someone to come up with an AR-15-type shotgun. Well, it looks like CMMG did it, although with a proprietary lower. Not much information is available on the AR shotgun yet.

LMT Piston Upper vs. HK416
Defense Review comparo of HK416 and the newish LMT piston uppers.

U.S. Legal Steyr AUG
I don't have any links, but Steyr in reintroducing the AUG to the American market.

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