Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Kel-Tec .308Win RFB Bullpup Rifle

Link to RFB rifle product page on Kel-Tec web site.

Rifle Forward-ejection Bullpup

It's sort of like the FN F2000 rifle, but in .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO. The RFB's action is in the buttstock, near where the shooter's cheek would be (BOOM!). The rifle accepts FN FAL magazines. Barrel lengths will be available from 18" to 32". KT has built 5 adjustments into the trigger, although the trigger pulls on most bullpup rifles are pretty bad due to the linkages required to transmit the force of your finger back to the action.

The scope rail is attached to the barrel, so that barrel to action fit doesn't alter the point of impact. No iron sights will be provided, even if there were, there wouldn't be much room to put them on the 18" carbine.

It looks like the pistol grip is integral with the rifle body, which would make this a one-size-fits-some deal. It might be possible to add spacers to the recoil pad to increase length of pull though.

The rifles are quite ambidextrous. The brass dribbles out over the barrel at the front of the stock. Except for the reciprocating charging handle, which can be switched to either side, the controls are available on either side.

Weight for the 18" carbine is listed as 8.1 pounds, compared to an AR-10A4 16" carbine at 9 pounds, a basic DSA FAL 18" carbine at 8.35 pounds, or a M1A 18" Squad Scout carbine at 9 pounds.

Kel-Tec says the RFB rifles and Carbines should be available for sale in a month or two, but they've been teasing about them for a couple years, apparently.

They say, "The delay is due to a re-tooling effort aimed at adjusting production in order to precede any future negative legislative actions that are likely imminent due to the incoming administration." I take this to mean that they are not going to put barrels with threads at the muzzles on the RFB, and are otherwise trying to neuter the design before a new "assault weapon" ban is passed.

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Anonymous said...

Wish they'd put the thing out before it's banned all together! Kel-Tec, my money is waiting for you! Come and get it!