Friday, August 1, 2008

Sights for Defense Pistols

(This was a response to a question on a message board, I thought it may be useful to those reading the blog also)

I have Heinie straight eight sights with the wide notch on my Glocks. Pretty much the same as the Warren Tactical sights, except they are serrated.

I still have a couple pistols with Trijicon and Mepro Tru-Glo sights. The light bars between the front sight and the edges of the rear sight are way too small. Front sights pretty much fill the whole notch and it's hard to tell if you've really got the pistol pointed straight. After discovering better sights, I started buying pistols with whichever sight set is cheaper, then I change em out with a good aftermarket set.

My rimfire conversion upper has the Glock adjustable sight. It's not so bad on the 22 slide, but I wouldn't have one on defense or competition pistol. A little too fragile.

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