Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Won! Sort Of. . .

I caught the bowling pin match at Field & Stream this time, having missed the first one in the fall, because I got the date wrong.

It came down to me, and Bob Britton (with a High Standard), and the same Bob Britton (second entry with a Ruger Charger). So we went up to shoot, and I edged out Bob who was shooting the High Standard. Would I have won if Bob had a second magazine for the High Standard, or if he had used the Charger? I dunno, maybe not.

I shot at least one shoot-off clean, 5 shots and 5 hits. When I reloaded, I made my mag changes clean, but I had a few moments of brain freeze, and didn't start the first shoot-off with both hands on the grip, which was just dumb.

It was fun, and was the first match I ever made a profit on, if you consider the cost of ammunition used in practice.

I shot this one with my race gun with the Advantage Arms rimfire upper, and a ProPoint PDP2 that I keep ready and sighted in for the AA upper.

I've tried to use centerfire guns before, and never did very well. I think I'll be sticking to the rimfire conversion.

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