Sunday, December 23, 2007

Minor Loads for Competition

9mm Luger
124gr. Zero FMJ, 125gr. Zero JHP, or 124gr. Precision Delta FMJ
4.2 grains Hogdon TiteGroup
1.125-1.145" OAL
Federal Small Pistol Primer, Wolf Small Pistol Primer, or Winchester Small Pistol Primer
Any brass
Gets me about 130PF+ from a Glock 17
Book load goes up to 4.4 grains, so it's pretty safe. I've shot a lot of 115gr bullets, but loading them to minor gets you closer to the max load with TiteGroup.

230gr Remington MC bullet (looks like FMJ to me)
4.3 grains Hogdon TiteGroup
1.165" OAL
Winchester Large Pistol Primer
I have used Remington and Federal brass
Gets me about 132PF+ from a Glock 21
Book load goes up to 5 grains, so you've got a lot of wiggle room.

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